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Whatever is the opposite of fun, that’s probate. But our firm will help you through it.

Probate refers to a court-administered process for establishing and collecting the assets of a deceased party (decedent), paying the debts of the decedent, and distributing their assets to their beneficiaries. It can be a long, complicated process that requires most executors of estates with property in Florida to use a probate attorney.

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How long does probate take?

Generally, probate proceedings can last anywhere from 1 month to 12 months depending upon the county and the size of the estate.


What will I need to give my attorney for the probate process?

  1. The Death Certificate for the Deceased

  2. A Copy of the Deceased’s Funeral Bill including any separate burial or cremation bills.

  3. A list of all assets of the deceased which need to be probated-including any and all bank accounts, insurance policies, brokerage accounts, and any real properties.

  4. A list of any debtors who have contacted you regarding repayment of the deceased’s debts (this may include final medical expenses).

  5. Any correspondence received from the state of Florida and/or the Federal government (including IRS notices)

  6. A list of all beneficiaries/heirs of the decedent including any children, grandchildren, siblings, parents, etc.

  7. The original will and/or original revocable trust agreement.

  8. A copy of the decedent’s health insurance cards.

  9. Any other papers you feel are important or relevant which would assist us in the probating of the estate.

How can I pay my fees?

 We take online payments, cash, checks, venmo, zelle, or cashapp. 

Can I handle the probate process remotely?

Yes, we can communicate you via zoom, phone, email, and text. 

Can your law firm recommend a realtor to help sell a home in probate?

Yes, most of our staff are licensed realtors and would be happy to give you a free comparative market analysis regarding the value of your property. If you are out of state and need to probate a loved one's home, any of our realtors can give you the CMA, assist with keeping the grass cut and property maintained while the probate process is pending. Note that our realtors work through separate brokerage companies. 


Examples of Probate Assets

  •  A life insurance policy, individual retirement account, or annuity contract payable to the decedent’s estate.

  • A bank account or investment account in the decedent’s sole name

  • Real estate titled in the sole name of the decedent, or in the name of the decedent and someone else as common tenants (unless it is a homestead property)

  • Vehicles

  • Boats

  • Brokerage accounts 

  • Individual Stocks

  • Business Interests 

How We Can Help with Probate

Did You Inherit a Home?

If you inherited a property from a loved one, we can help clear the title to the home in a probate proceeding. Our skilled lawyers are able to assist with filing the probate administration to get you access to the home as quickly as possible. 

Did Your Loved One Die without a Will?

If your loved one died without a will, we can help figure out what assets will need to be probated and which assets can be shielded from the probate proceeding.


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