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Injuries resulting in paralysis can change the entire course of you or a loved one’s life.

After an injury that leaves you or a loved one paralyzed, your entire life changes. When someone becomes paralyzed due to negligence, it not only affects the individual severely injured but their family and friends as well. Loss wages, the need for rehabilitation and physical therapy, purchasing medical equipment,  the list is endless on what you or a loved one will lose or need after suffering from paralysis.

If you or a loved one were paralyzed in an accident or medical procedure, consult with Loutos Law immediately.

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How To Handle Malpractice

Under Florida law, you have two years to file a medical malpractice lawsuit and four years to file a product liability or personal injury lawsuit. However, also under Florida Law, there are no caps on potential damages. That means when you work with us, we will seek the maximum amount of compensation possible for your case. We will also work with insurance companies and the defending attorneys. If a proper settlement is not reached, Loutos Law Firm is fully prepared to take your paralysis injury case to trial.

How We Help

Establishing Liability In A Paralysis Injury

If you were paralyzed in an accident or medical procedure, consult with a paralysis injury attorney from Loutos Law to determine your legal options. Call Loutos Law at our Jensen Beach office to schedule an appointment today.


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