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There’s a misconception that only the super-wealthy need an estate plan. In fact, most individuals no matter their income should get an estate plan.

What exactly is an Estate Plan? Estate planning includes deciding who to leave your assets to after your death and how to do it in the most tax-efficient manner. Getting expert advice on estate planning, tax relief, and tax exemptions could not only save you and your family a considerable sum of money now but also avoid inheritance tax in the future. Most individuals (especially younger people) think that they don’t need an estate plan, but guess what? Most people should have an estate plan regardless of age or income.



Our Port St. Lucie estate planning attorneys will work hard to make sure your present and post-mortem goals are met. Although most people believe an estate plan is only necessary for older adults, the reality is that an estate plan can assist you in decision making and wealth building over the course of your lifetime. Whether you are interested in helping your loved ones avoid probate or are worried about how to plan for long-term care, our Port St. Lucie estate planning attorneys can counsel you on a variety of topics

estate planning
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Negligent Security

If a preventable accident or crime occurs on someone else’s property, the property owner may be held responsible. The property owner has a legal duty to provide safe premises. Unfortunately, some property owners do not care about providing safety or are simply unaware of the dangers of their property. Whether you are injured at a concert, your apartment complex, or a hotel, your injury could be avoided if the proper security and safety measures were in place.

How We Help

You deserve an Estate Plan that's right for you.

The estate planning process can be as simple or complex depending upon the nature and extent of your estate and your overall wishes. In preparing your estate plan, our Port St. Lucie attorneys will meet you to discuss your present estate and future financial goals. Doing what’s best for each and every client is our firm’s goal, and in order to achieve that goal, our Port St. Lucie estate planning attorneys follow a series of very important steps in creating your estate plan.


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