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We’re supposed to honor and respect our elders, but more often than not, elderly individuals experience injury and trauma while residing in nursing homes

We think that our elderly family members and loved ones receive adequate care in nursing homes, but the statistics for nursing home abuse are staggering. Nursing home abuse affects thousands of families each year. According to a 2014 study, over 14,000 complaints filed with the nursing home ombudsman were about abuse or neglect. Roughly 44 percent of residents surveyed report suffering abuse while living in a facility.

If a nursing home resident close to you is the victim of home negligence, your next step should be consulting with Loutos Law Firm. 

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Common Nursing Home Injuries

In Florida (a state with a high elderly population), we have statutes in place to protect the elderly and individuals residing in nursing homes. However, due to a lack of proper resources and trustworthy staff, these statutes are disregarded. Nursing home negligence claims can include:


  • Failure to train staff members.

  •  Negligent hiring of unqualified individuals.

  •  Failure to properly monitor staff, impose policies and rules against abuse, or appropriately discipline staff members for violating policies.

  •  Failure to institute adequate security for residents

  •  Failure to provide appropriate food, water, shelter, or medication for residents.

  •  Allowing dangerous conditions or hazards to exist in the nursing home, resulting in injuries such as slips and falls.

  •  Not providing adequate medical care.

How We Help

Know that your loved ones are in good hands

If a nursing home resident close to you is the victim of nursing home negligence, your next step should be to consult with an experienced nursing home injury attorney. Call Loutos Law at our Jensen Beach office to speak with an expert nursing home negligence attorney today.


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