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Boating and Florida go hand in hand. Unfortunately, just living in the Sunshine State puts you at a greater risk of being injured on or by a boat.

Did you know that Florida is the state with the most boating accidents? Consistently, The Sunshine State has topped this list. Why? Well, boating regulations are very relaxed compared to other states.

In Florida, there is no age requirement for boating.  Operators above 30-years-of-age also don’t need to undergo boating safety courses or need boating licenses. While these loose regulations are ideal for tourist and recreational reasons, it is the opposite for safety.

If you are a victim in a boating accident, it is essential to consult with a Florida boating accident attorney and file a timely claim against the liable parties. When you hire us, we will not settle for anything less than what you deserve. That’s the Loutos Law Firm promise.


Common Types Of Florida Boat Accidents

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commision reports that the leading type of boat accident in Florida is collisions with another vessel; injuries resulting in being towed for watersport activities are also high. The majority of boating-related fatalities are overboard drowning accidents involving drugs or alcohol. Here we list the most common types of Florida accidents by order of volume:

  •  Collisions with other vessels

  •  Collisions with fixed objects

  •  Flooding

  •  Falls overboard

  •  Grounding

  •  Fuel fires or explosions

  •  Falling on the boat

  •  Capsizing

  •  Striking underwater objects

  •  Wake damage

  •  Sinking

How We Help

Boats are fun until something happens.

If you or someone close to you was the victim of a boating accident, you should seek counsel from an experienced boat accident attorney who is familiar with the specific laws that govern boat accidents in Florida. Loutos Law is a top boat accident law firm located in Jensen Beach. Call Loutos Law to schedule a free initial consultation today!


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