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At Loutos Law we fight hard for special needs individuals who are being exploited.

We think that our loved ones with special needs are being properly taken care of, but sometimes our fears and nightmares do come true. Every year in Florida, there are dozens of incidents of physical or financial abuse to vulnerable adults. At Loutos Law Firm, we must ensure that justice is served.

If you suspect that a vulnerable adult close to you is being exploited by a caregiver, we urge you to contact our legal team today.

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Know Your Rights

In Florida, the term “vulnerable adults” refers to disabled adults and elderly persons. A disabled adult is legally defined as a person who is 18 years or older and physically or mentally incapacitated due to a mental illness, developmental disability, brain damage, or who suffers from one or more mental or physical impairments limiting their ability to perform daily activities. An elderly person is defined as anybody 60 years of age or older who is incapacitated by aging infirmities in some manner and who is unable to take care of themselves adequately due to brain damage or any other mental, physical, or emotional problem. Florida Statute section 415.111 delineates a civil cause of action for punitive damages, damages, and attorney costs and fees for “vulnerable adults” who have been exploited financially. The State can also pursue criminal penalties.

How We Help

Work With A Special Needs Injury Attorney Today

If you believe somebody close to you is being exploited, you should take immediate action and seek legal counsel to determine your next steps. Often when family members wait too long, the exploiter can drain the vulnerable adult’s resources (which can be impossible to get back). Call Loutos Law in Jensen Beach to consult with a special needs injury attorney today. 


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