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Burn injuries are one of the most painful injuries a person can experience. Receiving compensation for pain and suffering is only the tip of the iceberg.

Catastrophic. Devastating. Ruinous. These are only some words to describe the immeasurable pain and suffering of burn injury victims. While most people think of burn injuries due to fire, these injuries can be caused by chemicals as well.

If you or someone you love was the victim of a fire or chemical burn-related accident, you are entitled to compensation from the person found liable for your burn injuries.

At Loutos Law Firm, we know that insurance companies want to give you the absolute least for your claim. When you hire us, we seek the maximum compensation for your burn injury claim. Our firm’s promise? We will not settle for anything less than what you deserve.


Who Is Responsible For My Florida Burn Injuries?

The party found at fault for causing your injuries is legally obligated to compensate for your damages. Determining which person, persons, or companies are legally responsible for your burn injuries can be a complicated task. In the case of an auto accident, insurance companies generally assign fault to one or multiple drivers, and accordingly compensate for losses. Establishing negligence in a homeowner for causing a fire, or in a store owner who exposed their customers to an unreasonable risk of burns, is a lot more complicated. Chemical burns can be even more of a tangle. 

For example, if a public pool used an excessive amount of chlorine, patrons may be entitled to compensation for eye damage, irritation, or other illnesses from the agency running the pool. If a lab worker was exposed to chemicals in the workplace due to an accident, it may be covered by worker’s compensation coverage. In the case of a defective consumer product- like a hair straightener- that burns an unsuspecting user, the manufacturer may be subject to product liability claims. The liable party is determined through the individual circumstances of a specific case.


Luckily, burn victims don’t have to navigate the complexities of liability on their own. An experienced burn injury attorney from Loutos Law will analyze the case and establish exactly which party or parties are at fault for your injuries and what insurance coverage may be available to pay for your losses.

How We Help


The most important thing you can do after an injury is to know your legal rights. Under Florida law, accident victims can seek financial compensation from the party deemed at-fault. Consult with an experienced burn injury attorney at Loutos Law to understand your rights and determine your next steps. Call Loutos Law at our Jensen Beach law office for a free initial consultation today!


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