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What happens when going under the knife goes wrong?

When you go under the knife for a haircut, if your stylist says “Oops” at least it will grow back. If a surgeon says that, that might be a cause for concern. The margin of error for surgeons needs to be as small as possible. But the fact is, surgeons do make mistakes. 

If you or someone you love was the victim of surgical injuries due to negligence, consult with a surgical injury lawyer from Loutos Law Firm. At Loutos Law Firm, we will not settle for anything less than what you deserve.

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Common Surgical Errors

One of the most common surgical errors that attorneys see is known as a “never event.” A “never event” is a preventable and serious surgical error that needs to be brought to public attention so that the medical professional and/or medical facility responsible is held accountable for their egregious actions. Below is a list of common surgical errors that should be reported:


  • Gastric bypass surgery errors

  •  Robotic-assisted surgery 

  •  Unnecessary surgery

  •  Cutting or nicking of organs, nerves, or arteries

  •  Leaving sponges and other objects or instruments in the patient

  •  Operating on the wrong body part

  •  Post-surgical infections

  •  Stent procedure injuries

  •  Cardiac catheterization injuries

  •  Angioplasty injuries

  •  Insufficient monitoring of the victim

  •  Cardiac bypass injuries

How We Help

Proving Surgical Negligence

To prove medical malpractice, a Florida surgical errors attorney will have to first establish that the medical professional in question breached their duty of care. Medical professionals in the state of Florida are held to a certain standard of care, which means that they can be deemed negligent if they do not uphold that same level of care that a reasonable medical professional of similar ability and experience would exercise when diagnosing and treating a patient. Most serious surgical errors are preventable mistakes. This fact makes it much more straightforward for a surgical injury lawyer from Loutos Law to prove negligence.


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