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Getting injured on a jobsite can cause severe hardship including lost wages and immense physical pain.

Construction workers are the backbone of our state and our country. Construction is also one of the most dangerous professions to work in. It’s not surprising that injury claims from construction-related accidents are common.


However, not all construction-related accidents are personal injury claims. That’s why if you have been injured in a construction-related accident after you seek medical treatment, you should contact an experienced attorney.

If you’ve suffered injuries on or around a construction site, you should seek legal counsel to explore all of your options. Consult with an expert construction injury attorney at Loutos Law Firm to get the compensation you deserve

The most common construction-related injuries include:


  • Electrocutions

  • Falls

  • Being struck by falling or flying objects

  • Burns

  • Being run over or crushed

  • Back injuries

  • Exposure to toxic or hazardous substances without adequate warning and protection

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Who Suffers Construction-Related Injuries?

The two main categories of people who could become injured in a construction accident are construction workers and non-workers. Construction workers can include everybody from workers doing the heavy lifting to supervisors who spend most of their time filling out forms. Non-workers include pedestrians who happened to be on a construction site, drivers navigating through a road construction zone, or young children who stray into a construction site unsupervised. 


The legal options available vary depending on who is injured. Construction workers can seek compensation for their injuries from a workers’ compensation claim or a personal injury claim. For non-workers, the only avenue to seek compensation is most likely a personal injury claim.


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