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Nobody wants to return from a vacation with scars from unwanted pests.

It doesn’t matter if you’re staying at a one-star motel that would make the Rosebud Motel from Schitt’s Creek look like a 5-star resort, or you’re staying in the penthouse of an actual 5-star resort. Bed bugs do not discriminate. These parasitic insects can feast on unsuspecting guests and cause physical and financial damage.

Although not deadly, if you have stayed at a property and the owner or management company gave you a room knowing that there was a bed bug infestation, you could seek compensation for:


  • Lost wages

  •  Pain and suffering

  •  Medical bills

  •  Any future medical costs that may come up (to correct scarring, etc.)

  •  Costs of buying replacement clothing, luggage, etc.

At Loutos Law Firm, we have experience working with clients who have suffered emotionally, physically, and financially all due to bed bugs. When you hire us, we will not settle for anything less than what you deserve. That’s the Loutos Law Firm promise.


What are bed bugs?

Before we delve into bed bug injuries and personal injury lawsuits involving bedbugs, we will briefly discuss what bed bugs are and what they do. Bed bugs are parasitic insects that typically live, nest, breed, and lay eggs in bed sheets and other common areas inside homes and hotels. Bed bugs mainly feed off of human blood and require a certain amount of blood before they’re able to mature into their next stage of development. While bed bugs are generally more active during the night time, they aren’t strictly nocturnal creatures. 

Bed bugs are a huge problem because they can feed on a human host without the person realizing for several days or even weeks. After infesting sheets and pillows, they jump right onto a host. While bed bugs don’t spread as many dangerous diseases as mosquitoes do, they cause severe itching, which can raise the risk of infection. 

How We Help

Bed Bugs are dangerous, so it's important you know how to protect yourself.

If you’ve sustained bed bug injuries due to another party’s negligence, you should seek legal counsel from an experienced personal injury attorney. Call Loutos Law at our Jensen Beach law office to speak to an expert bed bug attorney today.


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