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Having a close family member who passes away due to murder or manslaughter can be an especially difficult and traumatic ordeal.

Loss of life due to gun violence is tragic. According to the Washington Post, 2020 was the deadliest year for gun violence in decades. The statistics are shocking. From 2015-2019, about 40 people per day were killed in incidents of gun violence. Dealing with the loss of a loved one due to gun violence is a terrible thing to experience. However, there are legal actions you can take.

At Loutos Law, we handle every case with compassion and care. We also aren’t afraid to seek justice on behalf of those who have lost their lives due to gun violence.

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What To Do After A Shooting

The two main kinds of legal action you can take are to pursue a Florida wrongful death lawsuit and to pursue survival causes of action. Florida wrongful death lawsuits compensate survivors for their personal damages, and survival causes of action are to compensate the estate for losses a victim incurred before they passed. These matters are very complicated legal affairs that require the assistance of an experienced Florida shooting victim claim attorney.

How We Help

Speak With An Experienced Shooting Injuries Attorney

Shooting accidents can end up with devastating consequences, and unfortunately these types of accidents often lead to death. As a crime victim, or as a survivor upon the wrongful death of a loved one, you may be legally entitled to claim damages for your injuries. While you may try to claim these damages from the offender, that is not a course of action we recommend. Shooting injury offenders almost never pay any damages, because they rarely have the money to do so- if they’re even caught in the first place. 


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